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Six years ago we set out to build a team of educated men and women focused on uncovering the truth behind

paranormal related events.

Family and Friends

The core team is comprised entirely of family members; Jason, Sarah, and Jake Davis, along with Bryan, Michael, and Christopher Toth. The close ties between the members of the core team allow for the investigations we conduct to be more streamlined, more open, and more enjoyable. Not only are we familiar with one anothers unique personalities, but we are also intimately aware of the unspoken cues that only siblings and family share (all of which can be crucial during an investigation). But the team is comprised more than just family, as close friends and associates also accompany the team on various investigations.

Education and Experience

One of the greatest strengths of the team is that every core member is a college graduate, and many even hold graduate degrees in various fields. While holding a degree from an institution of higher learning is not a requirement to be a paranormal investigator we believe it does assist in our investigative process. On many of our investigations we rely on training we acquired during our undergraduate and graduate careers – in fields like history, psychology, sociology, and folklore – and we use that training to approach each investigation with a rational and scientific perspective. With each investigation we perform we are not only teaching ourselves (and the public) more about the paranormal, but we hope we are gaining experience that will, in the end, make us better researchers and investigators.

We have the same philosophy today that we had five years ago when we formed The Searchers. We wanted to create a team that stood out from all the other highly qualified groups that investigate the paranormal. By building – and continuing to build – a team comprised of highly educated, honest, empathetic, and good-hearted individuals we hope we have created a truly exceptional paranormal investigative team. With each investigation we perform, every member of The Searchers is working towards achieving the foundational mission of the group:

To collect and analyze evidence that is deemed unexplainable in an academic and scientific endeavor to qualify and explain accounts that defy conventional wisdom.The Searchers

As the years progress we hope our Searchers family continues to grow as we build a team that will work towards uncovering the mysteries behind paranormal phenomenon. Before you leave we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learning a little more about our team building philosophy and the people that make-up our core team. Please take a few minutes to meet all the members of The Searchers family by simply scrolling down the page, and, once again, thanks again for visiting!

Days on the Job
Team Members

Additional Team Members

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Bryan Lobach

Bryan currently lives in Zionsville, Pennsylvania with his wife, Lina. A well known member of the community Bryan serves as a representative for a respected institution in the region. Bryan is also a representative for Pulse Weekly, a popular magazine for the Leigh Valley. A graduate of Full Sail University Bryan is an avid music lover and sports fanatic. He's already joined the team on past investigations and looks forward to future paranormal cases.

Karen Black

Karen currently lives in Pennsylvania, and is a loving wife and mother. For the past ten years Karen has taught high school English at a small rural high school in northwestern New Jersey. A long time supporter of of the group Karen has joined the team on past investigations. In her spare time Karen is always on the look-out for homes, businesses, and locations that could lead to an official investigation. 

John Davis

John has lived in Pennsylvania for nearly all his life, at it's here that he raised his three kids, Jason, Jake, and Sarah. Today John is a full-time social studies teacher at a local Pennsylvania high school. John has always had an interest in the paranormal and he hopes to one day join his sons and his daughter - along with the rest of the team - on an investigation. A well known member of the community John is always looking for new cases the team might explore further.

Carrie Pfeiffer

Carrie and her identical twin sister Lindsay grew up in Blairstown, NJ and have been living in a “Twin World” ever since. Carrie is a self-proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady” and a paranormal investigator and advocate for The Searchers. Carrie has been a professional musician for the last five years and continues to sing and play both guitar and fiddle at local venues.

Mike Toth

Coming Soon.

Heather Davis

A longtime resident of Pennsylvania, Heather attended Lycoming College, and is today a Physician Assistant at a well respected office located in rural PA. When she's not working the majority of her time is spent raising her two beautiful girls, Ella and Lyla. In the little spare time she has left Heather serves as a case manager for The Searchers using her many contacts to help acquire new and exciting investigations.

Lindsay Pfeiffer

Lindsay, along with her twin sister Carrie, are glad to call their home state New Jersey. A talented musician and song writer Lindsay spends her spare time performing original songs at local and regional venues. A 2007 graduate of Ramapo College, Lindsay studied Psychology and Sociology and is excited to apply these skills and backgrounds to paranormal investigations.

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