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Take a look at this webisode designed to explain a little more about The Searchers.

Professionalism and dedication to our clients

Ghosts, aliens, monsters, unexplained lights in the night sky. Anytime paranormal topics creep their way into a conversation most people roll their eyes, and think “man, that’s just crazy!”.

But then it happens.

Someone has a story, and then another person has their own tale, and then another. Soon the paranormal has become a topic of serious and thought provoking discussion. For many it’s the mystery that entices them. The quest to find the truth, the answers to the unknown. Sometimes that quest is just following the words of a stranger telling of their own encounter with ghosts and creatures of myth. Other times its trying to capture evidence – proof – that what you’re experiencing is real.

That’s why we’re here.
To help you SEARCH for the answers.
To help you find the TRUTH.

How a typical investigation works

If this is the first time you’ve ever had a paranormal investigation performed then you probably have dozens of questions about how it all works. While each investigation can differ, most normally follow the outline presented below. If you’re still confused feel free to contact a member of the team and they’ll be happy to explain in greater detail how your investigation will take place.


First contact and initial research

After you contact us we’ll begin to research your home/business as well as examine any documents or stories that you might have collected. We’ll endeavor to determine if there are any historical accounts that support the experiences being described. We’ll also examine the geography of the surrounding area to determine if there could be any connection – paranormal or scientific – to help explain the situations being reported.


The Investigation

After we’ve conducted the foundational background research into your home or location we’ll contact you to setup a specific day to perform the investigation. All investigations are performed in the evening and normally last about 6 to 8 hours in length. During this time we ask that all individuals leave the home/location, however, you may remain on the premises (having people inside could contaminate any evidence that is collected).


Evidence Review

Once we’ve conducted our investigation we’ll wrap-up and thank you, again, for allowing us to investigate. Shortly thereafter we’ll begin to review the evidence that we collected. That means reviewing 8 closed circuit infrared cameras and countless hours of audio on our digital voice recorders. Depending on our schedule the evidence review could take anywhere from a few weeks to about a month.


Presentation of Findings

Once we’ve reviewed all the evidence we’ll meet as a team to discuss the paranormal validity of any anomalous video, audio, and personal experiences that were collected and reported. After we’ve reached consensus on whether your home, or location, has evidence of paranormal activity we’ll setup a final meeting with you to review our findings and present the evidence that we collected.


Production and Publication of Webisode

Once we’ve presented our findings we’ll produce a webisode – a 10 to 20 minute video – that documents the events, experiences, and collected evidence of the investigation. This webisode will then be published, here, at The Searchers.org for everyone to view, discuss, and critique. You can also request a DVD of the webisode to commemorate the investigation of your home/location.

Benefits of an investigation…


Conversation Starter

Tell people you had an investgaition performed. Entertain friends, or bring in old and new patrons by telling them you have new stories! Everyone loves a good ghost story!


Investigation Webisode

Screen your webisode for friends, or if you own a business you can easily play it in your establishment. You can also just place a link to the webisode on your company website.


Community Member

Tell your friends, family, or patrons that you’re helping shed light on the legends of your region. Show everyone that you’re an active and valuable member of the community.

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