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With a very special THANK you!

Over the years The Searchers have received help from a number of amazing individuals. Some have assisted in acquiring investigations, while others have helped to enhance our webisodes as well as every visit to our website. Below are just a few of the people that we’d like to thank for their contributions to the entire Searchers team.

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Pfeiffer Twins for The Searchers Theme

Raised in rural New Jersey, Carrie & Lindsay Pfeiffer are identical twin sisters who began singing at the age of 4. By age 9, Lindsay was writing her own songs and performing them with Carrie for family and friends. When they received their first acoustic guitar on their 16th birthday, their songwriting really started to blossom. Today, they have over forty songs which they perform at restaurants, bars, concerts, and private shows throughout the region.

The Pfeiffer Twins – The Searchers Theme


Visit The Pfeiffer Twins at any of their websites:

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Connor Goodman for the original Searchers Mascot

Connor Goodman is a longtime resident of Northwest New Jersey. He has a Masters in Fine Arts from Montclair State University and is well known in the New York City art world. In many of his pieces he strives to include a human element, feeling that people make the most interesting subjects to explore through his art. Above all he creates thought-provoking, interesting, honest, and often disturbing pieces of art.

To view examples of Connor’s artwork be sure to visit the sites below:

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