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Michael has lived in the rural community of Knowlton, New Jersey for his entire life. Raised in a family of three boys Michael grew up catholic but has often had questions regarding his faith, both historically and paranormally. Over the years his interest in the paranormal grew as he read and explored the field with greater detail and interest, often finding more questions than answers.

Once his high school years were complete Michael attended historic Farleigh Dickinson University in Florham Park, New Jersey, where he majored in secondary education with a concentration in history. Once his undergraduate studies were complete he then obtained his Master of Arts degree in Education in May of 2010. Currently Michael is pursuing his teaching career by substituting at area high schools and working in local educational symposiums with students of all ages.

Michael’s hobbies include participating in sports, hanging out with friends, watching movies and playing video games. Throughout his entire life Michael has been an avid sports fanatic playing sports like baseball, hockey, and basketball. In his free time Michael enjoys all genres of music and a wide range of musical artists. His favorite genres would have to be oldies, country, and rock as a few of his favorite artists include bands like Oasis, Coldplay, The Killers, John Mellencamp and of course Bruce Springsteen.

Michael is an active member and investigator of The Searchers and is often said to be one of the ‘true’ skeptics of the group. He has often expressed the beleif that he “refuses to accept something is ‘paranormal’ until he experiences it first-hand”, firmly believing that most ‘paranormal’ events can be explained through logic and reason. Michael joined The Searchers for a variety of reasons, many of which he states are difficult to explain. Although he has never had any personal experiences with the paranormal, it is a field in which he has always held an interest. He explains that he views The Searchers as an opportunity to answer many of the paranormal questions that he has held throughout his entire life. He hopes that through The Searchers he’ll be able to experience, first-hand, many of the alleged experiences believers claim occur.



Areas of Interest
Ghost & Hauntings

Admissions Counselor

M.A., Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.A., Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University


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