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A little history about our mascot

Our mascot was originally designed by Jason Davis, in November of 2008. Drawn on a napkin at the Widows Tavern, in Stockertown, PA it’s here that The Searchers not only found its mascot but also its first official name, The Northeast Paranormal Investigative Team. While the name was altered slightly to the Northeast Paranormal Society (and eventually dropped altogether) the secondary name written on the napkin has stuck: The Searchers.

To give The Searchers mascot new life a digital artist, and friend of The Searchers, Connor Goodman, was asked to digitally render and initiate the mascots first regeneration. Two years later, freelance digital artist Mark Jarmin, was asked to give the mascot even more personality. Under Mark’s artistic vision The Searchers mascot entered its second and current regeneration. It’s also under Mark’s hand that The Searchers mascot family grew with a new female version of The Searchers ghost as well as The Jersey Devil mascot.

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The transformation of Humphrey Boogart


November 2008


January 2009


July 2010

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August 2010

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Female Mascot

Paranormal investigating isn’t just a guy thing. Here at The Searchers we want to appeal to both guys and girls. To make that association even easier we have both a male and female mascot. Both our mascots can be seen holding equipment from The Searchers toolbox; the male has a K-2 meter and a video camera, and the female has a Mel Meter and a flashlight. All essential in the arsenal of a paranormal investigator!


August 2010

The Jersey Devil

There is a legend in New Jersey of a hairy winged creature with paws, razor sharp claws, and the head of a horse. Not only are the legends true, but he’s a member of The Searchers! Well, kind of. Ya see, the Jersey Devil really wants to be a paranormal investigator but his methods are a little crazy and nothing ever seems to go right for him. Most of his time is spent trying to capture his arch enemy, Bigfoot. The Jersey Devil has had enough of all the attention Bigfoot is getting and wants to prove to the world that he is the better monster! Keep your eyes peeled as you roam the site for more adventures of The Jersey Devil.

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