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Jake was born and raised in Pennsylvania and today lives in the city of Bethlehem, PA. Even at an early age Jake admits he has always had an interest in the unknown, specifically ghosts, UFO’s, bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster. Like most people Jake wants to find the answers, and with the creation of The Searchers he feels he is one step closer to uncovering the truths behind the stories and paranormal claims he has heard all his life.

After graduating high school Jake attended Lycoming College, a small liberal arts school in Williamsport, PA. While at Lycoming Jake studied history and elementary education and participated extensively in the athletics program at the college. Jake started for four years as cornerback for the Lycoming football team and won various honors such defensive player of the year and first team all league (Middle Atlantic Conference-MAC). After his undergraduate studies were complete Jake began his graduate studies in education and received his Master’s in Special Education from Lehigh University in May of 2009. For the past two years Jake has been teaching special education and is certified to teach both special and general education at the elementary level. Jake is currently an elementary school teacher in Pennsylvania.

Some of Jake’s hobbies are working out and playing sports as well as playing guitar and video games. Jake is an avid movie watcher and loves listening to all genres of music such as the Counting Crows, Coldplay, and Jack Johnson, although he admits his obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. Jake also enjoys watching television shows like Lost, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bizarre Foods, No Reservations, Scare Tactics, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures.

Jake has always had an interest in ghosts and has wanted to search for answers ever since he experienced his own ghostly encounters in his childhood home. With the popularity of “ghost hunting” on television Jake has become even more intrigued by full body apparitions and shadow people. It is because of this interest in the paranormal that Jake joined The Searchers. Jake explains he “would like to contribute to the paranormal field and hopefully in the process find some answers to the unknown”.



Areas of Interest
Ghost and Hauntings

4th Grade Teacher

M.Ed., Special Education, Lehigh University
B.A., Education, Lycoming College


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