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For every investigation the team comes prepared with an extensive collection of audio and video equipment as well as environmental readers, and digital cameras. Every item of equipment that we utilize is intended to help us document any unusual occurrences that might take place over the course of the investigation, as well as allows us to memorialize the events of the night. Not only does the team utilize some of the most advanced digital audio recorders (the Zoom H4n), but four Sony Handheld video cameras (with night vision) are used throughout each investigation. By utilizing every piece of equipment the team is striving to achieve the foundational mission of the group:

To collect and analyze evidence that is deemed unexplainable in an academic and scientific endeavor to qualify and explain accounts that defy conventional wisdom.The Searchers

Please take a few minutes to review all of our equipment. Just click each of the tabs below to see all of our audio recorders, video and CCTV cameras, digital cameras, computer systems, environmental readers, and all of our miscellaneous pieces of equipment. If you have any suggestions about equipment that we should utilize on future investigations, just send us a quick message!

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