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Bryan has been a resident of New Jersey all his life, growing up in Blairstown and attending college in South Orange, NJ. During this time Bryan became intimately familiar with not only the region but the myths, stories, and legends that are whispered up and down the east coast.

After graduating high school Bryan enrolled in college and, in 2006, was awarded his bachelor’s degree from Seton Hall University. After his undergraduate studies concluded Bryan enrolled in graduate school. In August of 2009 Bryan was awarded his Master of Arts degree in Education and then, in December of 2014, he also earned his Master of Arts degree in History from Seton Hall. When he’s not reading a random history book, Bryan, along with co-founder Jason, teaches social studies at a rural high school in northern New Jersey.

Some of Bryan’s hobbies and interests include hiking, reading, mini-golf, and bowling. A fan of most musical genres Bryan enjoys discovering new bands and musicians. Some of his top artists include Jackson Browne, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Florence and the Machine, Lord Huron, and Passenger. Bryan is also a fan of the many paranormal reality shows on TV as well as programs like Psych, The Office, Seinfeld, Criminal Minds, The X-Files, and Doctor Who.

Bryan, along with co-founder Jason, created The Searchers in an attempt to find answers to the questions that have perplexed, mystified, and intrigued him for over a decade. More than any other paranormal subset Bryan has been interested in the UFO phenomenon since he was young. He is intrigued by stories of alien abductions and sightings by seemingly rational and trustworthy individuals from around the world. He hopes that through The Searchers he, along with the rest of the team, will help shed light on the paranormal discipline and finally give credence to a field that is too often mocked and ridiculed by mainstream academia and society.



Areas of Interest
UFO Phenomenon, Cryptozoology, Folklore

High School History Teacher

M.A., History, Seton Hall University
M.A., Education, Seton Hall University
B.A., Political Science, Seton Hall University


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