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Want to know a little more about us?

The Searchers began as an accidental side conversation between Jason Davis and Bryan Toth, two history teachers at a small rural high school in northwestern New Jersey. As the two talked over monotonous study hall duty they soon realized they shared an intellectual curiosity in topics often associated with the paranormal. In early November 2008 they formed The Searchers a group dedicated to the scientific and academic exploration of events, locations, and experiences related to the paranormal. The purpose of the group is straightforward:

To collect and analyze evidence that is deemed unexplainable in an academic and scientific endeavor to qualify and explain accounts that defy conventional wisdom.The Searchers

Jason and Bryan, along with fellow team members Jake, Mike, Chris, and Sarah, hope through their successes – and their failures – they’ll gain a better understanding of the world they see, and the world that exists beyond the current understanding of convention and modern science.


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How we’re different than other groups

There are hundreds of paranormal investigative groups scattered all across the United States, and the world. If you found your way to our website you might now be wondering how The Searchers stand apart from all those other groups. Take a look at only a few of the ways we are redefining the way paranormal investigations are done:


Webisode Production

After each investigation we produce a webisode – a 10 to 20 minute video – that presents the highlights of the investigation and any evidence that was collected.


Educated Team

All members of the core team hold at least a bachelors degree. We have experience in fields like anthropology, folklore, and psychology


Our Website

For some talking about the paranormal isn’t easy. We’ve spent hours trying to build a site that you won’t be embarrassed to share with friends and family.

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What about religion?

We do not claim to know that paranormal activity exists. But with so many stories from people all over the world, the potential for the existence of a realm of reality beyond our current understanding seems as though it could be possible. The team believes there is no way to know whether this ‘other realm’ has any connection to any religious doctrine or belief. Therefore, the team does not utilize any religious artifacts, beliefs, or practices in any investigation.


Ouija Boards

We do not use Ouija boards during any investigation.



We do not conduct séances during any investigation.



We do not recite any prayers during any investigation.

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